The difference between the negations 没 (méi) and 不 (bù)

没 (méi) negates past actions ( and rarely also present) and negates existing of a feeling in the past.

不 (bù) negates present and future actions (and rarely also past) and negates feelings in one heart presently and in the future.

*The only exception is the verb 知道(zhī dào)。 the expression 没知道
(méi zhī dào) does not exsist in Chinese.

我没喜欢过他 (wǒ méi xǐ huān tā) I didn’t like her in the past

我不喜欢他 (wǒ bù xǐ huān tā) my feeling now is that I don’t like her

我没害怕过老虎 (wǒ méi hāi pà guò lǎo hǔ) until a certain time I was not afraid of tigers in the past

我不害怕老虎 (wǒ bù hāi pà lǎo hǔ) my feeling now is that I am not afraid of tigers