Orna Taub was born in Haifa,Israel in 1957 to a happy family with a twin sister.
After the army service she studied pure mathematics in the Technion in Haifa.after receiving the MS.c she studied four years chinese medicine and some subjects in alternative medicine.She worked in her own clinic for several years.In a certain point she started to feel an unexplained very strong attraction to china and as a result started to learn mandarin by her own.This strong feeling towards china only gets stronger and she uses every opportunity to base and deepen her knowledge and mastery in the chinese language,history,culture and life.the chinese language is her main hobby and occupation and recently she decided to share her knowledge in insights with other students and wrote some textbook for students based on her own long learning experience.Orna learning experience includes attending mandarin courses in sichuan (china),1-1 advanced lessons on skype with chinese teachers,advanced courses in israel and many hours of self study using online and offline stuff.Orna completed a chinese/english translation course and has a certificate from BLCU, China.