My way to learn the chinese characetrs (although not handwriting) was without any discipline (I was too lazy for that at that time..) but in a very natural and smooth way.I didn’t even notice i was studying them but gradualy mastered more and more with a lot of fun.Actually,i didn’t know the chinese characters for a long time because i was afraid to sit and memorize them.I liked to correspond by email with chinese and taiwanese friends and was able to find the ones (very few,I must say) that were willing to correspond with me using pinyin.I used to delete all the letters which were not written in pinyin.After a while, I started to use the online characters to pinyin convertion tools,so i didn’t have to delete the letters written using the characters anymore.I could read them in pinyin.One day an idea occured to me.while converting the characters to pinyin,i started to keep also the characters so i had the characters and their corresponded pinyin in front of my eyes.from time to time i took a glance on the character corresponds to the pin yin.I realized that I was starting to feel more and more familiar with the characters and slowly started to recognize more and more of them.The point is to gradualy start to make friends with the characters and less and less feel they are aliens.after feeling a bit of this new feeling, I installed the “pinyin input method” and tried to use it for writing to friends.Of course ,I made a lot of writing mistakes (no wonder) ,but being my friends they could forgive me for my mistakes and tolerate it.
Using the pinyin input application was a turn point for me and since then my progress was very fast.
Then I did the same thing with chinese texts in addition to friends letters.I used to write articles in chinese using the chinese characters (in addition to letters to friends) and sent them for free correction in websites like “italki”,”lang-8″ and more. Now I have a sort of feeling as if i always knew the characters.
I know this method is not suitable to anyone,but the ones who do feel this method can be suitable to them and “speaks to their hearts” are invited to adopt it.

this method is not efficient enough to learn to handwriting the characters.for this there is no other way than to practice,practice and more practice.Since practice makes perfect….